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Advantages Of Being a Liquor Control State

A major source of income for the state

Liquor sales provide a major source of income to the state's general fund relieving taxpayers of a significant tax burden each year. In FY2009, gross sales totaled $267 million with a net profit of $59 million. This profit was contributed to the general fund to support state government operation.

As well as contributing to the general fund, liquor sales support several special government programs. As an example, in FY2009, the school lunch fund received more than $26 million.

Support of alcohol programs

An appropriation from liquor profits is distributed each year to cities, towns and counties to be used exclusively for programs and projects related to prevention, rehabilitation, detection, prosecution and control.

Promote moderation

Control systems promote moderation in consumption. Annual statistical data clearly shows that per capita consumption of alcohol beverages is significantly lower in control states.

Education and Enforcement

Control states have targeted underage drinking as a priority item though education and stricter law enforcement.


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