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As of September 1, 2015 local consent for event permits must be submitted by the applicant as part of a complete application.

Organizing a Special Event?

Special events can range from private events such as weddings, conferences, seminars, conventions, class reunions and private parties, to public events such as arts festivals, rodeos, community activities, and political, religious and charitable fund-raisers. Alcohol service at these special events can be accommodated many different ways under Utah law. Some may require issuance of a permit, others may not.

To find out whether your event will need an event permit or not, please click here:

Alcohol Server Training Program / Manager Training Program

In 1987, Utah became the second state in the country to establish a mandatory Alcohol Training and Education Seminar for all employees who serve alcohol for on-premise consumption. Now, most states have education programs for responsible alcohol service.

In 2017, the Responsible Alcohol Service Plan became a new requirement for every DABC licensed business which serves alcohol to the public for on-premise consumption. Most recently, in January of 2018, ALL owners and managers who supervise alcohol servers are required to attend and pass a Manager Training Program. This applies to new applicants, prior to being awarded a license, as well as all current licensees, prior to renewal.

How to sign up for classes or print certificates >>

Rob Hansen Training Information Video-What You Need to Know

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