Alcohol Server Training and Education Classes

On Premise

On Premise server training is for servers who serve alcohol beverages in restaurants, bars, banquets, public venues, and event permits, etc.


Every individual who is employed to sell or furnish alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, and those who manage or supervise the service of alcoholic beverages must:

  • Complete and pass an approved Alcohol Server Training every three years.
  • Complete the training within 30 days of beginning employment.

The Utah Division of Substance Abuse is responsible for evaluating and approving seminar programs taught by private trainers. These trainers:

  • Schedule their own classes
  • Have their own enrollment policies
  • Set their own fees

To take a class, you must deal directly with one of these State Approved providers. Make certain you take the ON-PREMISE training. Follow the link above: You may also phone the Division of Substance Abuse at 801-538-3939 to request a current list of approved providers.

E.A.S.Y. or Off Premise

E.A.S.Y. or Off Premise training is for those who sell sealed beer in grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. "TO GO"


The E.A.S.Y. Law requires mandatory training for each store employee that sells beer or directly supervises the sale of beer. Training is required within 30 days of hire and at least every 5 years thereafter. Stores may hire a Trainer to train staff in person, purchase a training package to train their own staff, create and submit their own training for approval, or an individual may take online training.  Please note that DABC does not do this training or provide the training packages.  Instead, contact DHS at Phone: (801) 538-4171 or Email: for more information.

Manager Training


Effective January 2018 - EVERY MANAGER currently working in a DABC retail licensed business must now complete a Manager Training Program as a condition of renewing their DABC license. A "manager" includes owners and employees that act in a supervisory or managerial capacity over the furnishing of an alcoholic product.

New DABC applicants and managers will also be required to be trained prior to obtaining a retail liquor license.

Trainings will be conducted at the DABC at 1625 South 900 West in Salt Lake City. Additional training may also be scheduled at various locations around the state. The cost is $25.00 per person. Go to the link above to sign up for classes or you may also call DABC (801) 977-6800 for a list of class times and places.

Classes cost $25.00 for On Premise and Off Premise, in person and online.

On Premise Licenses (Restaurants/Bars)

An On-premise "manager' includes owners and employees who manage operations of a DABC licensed premises or supervises over the furnishing of an alcoholic product.

All On Premises Managers must take Manager Training and complete a background check in order to obtain a license. Those already with a license, new managers must within 30 days of hire take manager training and complete a background check, otherwise they must be removed as managers until they have taken the class and completed a background check.

Off Premise Beer Licenses. All Operation Managers are required to take manager training in order to obtain a license. If license already obtained, new Operation Managers must take Off Premise Manager Training within 30 days of hire, otherwise they must be removed as managers until they take the training.

Two options for classes, in person monthly class, or online video. We recommend taking the in person class as you are able to ask questions and have a lively discussion. All in person classes are held at the DABC 1625 S. 900 W. SLC. However, if you cannot make the in person class, a video and test are available online.

In order to take the online video, you must have either applied for a license or have a license with us. If you have not applied for a license, you must take the in person class.

For the online video class, you must list in the "additional Information field":

  1. First and last name of manager taking class
  2. Manager's date of birth
  3. Manager's last four of social
  4. DBA, name of place person is a manager at
  5. The DABC License number
  6. Manager's email
  7. Manager's phone number

Once we have verified you have the required info, an email will be sent (next business day) to the manager with a link to watch the video and take a test. For new applicants, tests must be completed by midnight on the Thursday before the Liquor Commission meets for the monthly Commission Meeting. For new managers at licensed premises, you must complete the test before you have been employed for 30 days.

Once a test is complete, we will have certificates available for you to print within a week from our web page "training tab".

In person manager training is starting up again in June, 2021.  Seating will be limited.  If you fail to show for class, your registration will be deleted and you will need to re-register and repay for a future class. 

You Can look up Trained Servers & Managers / Print a Certificate


There is a web-based registry for the people who have been certified to serve or manage alcohol service in Utah. It is maintained by the Division of Substance Abuse and called the Alcohol Server Training System. You can use it to search for the name of a certified server or manager. You may also use the system to verify the term of a server's certification and when it expires. You may also print certificates.