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New Legislation

2018 General Session DABC Legislative Summary  Please click here to view text

Effective May 9, 2018: Bars must display a sign in a conspicuous place at the entrance of their premises. For more information: Please click here

Effective July 1, 2018 all grandfathered bars (to include converted dining clubs) may allow minors to sit in the dispensing area if they are accompanied by someone over 21 year of age or older and seating in the dispensing area is the only seating available. MINORS MAY NEVER SIT AT THE BAR. This exemption expires June 30, 2022 unless the restaurant applies for and receives a small restaurant exemption.

A “Small Restaurant“ means a restaurant which has a grandfathered bar structure (to include converted dining clubs), whose "dispensing area" (the area measured at least 10 feet out from the nearest edge of the visible bar or 5 feet with a pony wall or railing in place) covers more than 45% of the inside seating of the restaurant. To apply for the exemption Click here

Video Explanation of 2018 Legislation

Four videos on Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control YouTube Channel helps explain new laws for restaurants and bars, new laws for grocery and convenience stores selling beer and cide; a general overview of 2018 Legislation affecting licensees, and what you need to know for the new mandatory manager training for licensees.

On-Going Legislation from 2017

HB 442 - Timeline Summaries for Changes to:

Restaurant licensees may now have a dispensing structure (bar) that is visible to the public under certain provisions. However, the licensee must first apply for and receive approval from the DABC before any changes can be made. If a licensee changes their dispensing area without first submitting an application and getting approval from the DABC, the licensee will be in violation.

To apply for a visible bar Click here:

Restaurants with visible bars and restaurants with grandfathered bars (including converted dining clubs must have an I.D. Scanner. For information on I.D. Scanners Click here:

2017 General Session DABC Legislative Summary Please click here to view text


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